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ADA / Demand Response Complaint Acknowledged

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ADA / Demand Response Complaint


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tree, trash


We have put our yard trash out over 2 weeks ago and it still has not been picked up...We are trying to keep up all the branches and leaves to keep the area neat. We have put the yard trash in trash barrels so it is easy to pick up....I have spoken to the dispatch people and they said they would get back to us. Have not heard anything from anybody....The neighbors across the street has yard trash that has not been picked up also. Do we still have yard trash pickup??? this is getting frustrating

also asked...
Q. What was the vehicle number?
A. N/A
Q. What time did the INCIDENT occur?
A. March 10th 2020
Q. Was This A Pick-up or Drop-Off?
A. Pickup
Q. Issue Type?
A. No-Show
Q. Other?
A. Yard trash
Q. Do you need a follow up call?
A. Yes

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