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Recreational Parking at Pawtucket St. Lot Archived

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Who owns/is responsible for parking enforcement in the lot at the park on Pawtucket St across from the Hess gas station? Two-thirds of the lot have been taken over for UMass faculty and commuter parking (which I don't understand, given the new parking garage), but there are roughly a dozen spaces that are clearly marked as "Recreational Parking only - UMass parking prohibited." However, every morning, the recreational spaces are filled with cars, despite the complete absence of other park users (perhaps because they can't find a place to park). I have seen students in cars without UMass stickers park here, but they are clearly students, as they park, wait around to make sure no one is watching, then grab their backpacks and head to class. Recreational users who have to drive to the park cannot use the park if their are no spaces available.

I understand that enforcement must be difficult, given that the students parking here do not have UMass stickers on their vehicles. But there must be a solution. I'd be happy to apply for/obtain a recreational parking permit if that were an option.


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