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Illegal Dumping Acknowledged

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City of Seaford, DE


Illegal Dumping


18 times






We live at 304 4th street in Seaford. We clean up behind our fence multiple times throughout the month. And within a few days it is back to the picture above. When in our backyard by the fence all you can smell is marijuana. When we clean up the trash we are finding baggies and cigar wrapper packaging along with trash from various restaurants. People are even beginning to throw their trash over our fence and into our yard. We have four kids and two dogs we cannot afford for them to get hurt because of this matter. Something needs to be done!

also asked...
Q. What are the items that have been dumped (check all that apply)?
A. Trash, Other
Q. Is the issue on private or public property?
A. Private property
Q. What is the location?
A. Behind our fence at 304 4th street that connects to Beech street

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