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Building Violation


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drain problem


I’m not sure if a building violation is the correct category this should be under. This gentlemen has already had the county called for pouring concrete in the ditch (with no drainage) to make a make-shift driveway. County came out and dug out the concrete. He has recently put up tarps with a floor on the bottom. There is a lot of sitting water on the floor. Today, he has built trenches and placed pipe in them going towards the marsh. A neighbor thinks he’s going to be living in it soon and that’s his “sewer”. I have photos of this that I cannot upload to this page. His "building" is a terrible eye sore to our road. We just had a 21 housing community shut down by the county/state due to the marsh land and run off into Deep Cove Creek (directly runs into the bay). A county inspector will see that you can no longer see around the turn from either direction making it very difficult when driving.

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