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Found Pet


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Seen outside restaurant “flamant” on Annapolis St. in Weat Annapolis. Small (maybe 15 lb.) hairless dog, except for hair on face and tail. No collar. Seemed timid and did not want to approach us. Appeared threatened and barked only once it saw us standing and staring at it. Did not appear to have rabies.

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Q. Was this animal found in Anne Arundel County?
A. Yes
Q. If no, what county was the animal found in?
A. Sem resposta dada
Q. Type of Animal
A. Dog
Q. Animal's Name
A. Sem resposta dada
Q. Suspected Breed
A. Possibly some type of terrier mix or Mexican hairless
Q. Gender
A. Female
Q. To your knowledge is the pet spayed/neutered?
A. Sem resposta dada
Q. Color(s)
A. Dark brown/black skin. Lighter hair only on head and tail. No fur on body.
Q. Approximate Age
A. Sem resposta dada
Q. Approximate Weight
A. 15lb.
Q. Has the pet been scanned for a microchip?
A. Sem resposta dada
Q. Please list any identifiable features/markings on the animal?
A. Unsure if it had mange but it did not have hair other than on its head and tip of its tail.
Q. Date animal was found?
A. 05/04/2020 11:30
Q. Area animal was found (Community, City, Zip Code) ?
A. West Annapolis, MD 21401
Q. Nearest Intersection where pet was found?
A. 17 Annapolis st (outside of restaurant “Flamant”
Q. Contact Name:
A. Stephanie
Q. Contact Phone:
A. 3042138988
Q. Contact Email

  • Anne Arundel County, MD (Oficial Verificado)

  • Robin Catlett (Oficial Verificado)

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