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Traffic Sign Issue


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a week and a half ago there was an accident in front of this address on a corner Shakespeare & Cordell the accident tore down the yield sign it's still laying in the grass on the corner we've contacted the city seven or eight times and we still have not got the signed put up we've also had two more accidents on that corner because the yield sign isn't there and they just fly through the sign and the streets on Shakespeare we would like that yield sign put backup on both sides of the street so that people would know that it's a year. they need one on the right side of the street and one back on the corner in front of this address they are still laying in the street and people are not paying attention to him sooner or later somebody's going to get killed on this corner we would like those yield signs put back up it would only take it not even 30 minutes to put it up like we said we didn't called numerous times please help us out cuz children play on that corner hope to see you out here soon we know that viruses out and it would only take you a few minutes to put that sign back up we don't want to see nobody else badly hurt or nobody dead on that corner

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Q. Please provide cross streets and/or additional location information.
A. corner in front of 16519Edmore in Shakespeare Street on
Q. What is the nature of the problem?
A. Sign down
Q. If you selected "Other" above, please describe.
A. the sign is damaged it was not down by accident and we've been after it to be placed in the last month before somebody gets killed on that corner we've been after the city of Detroit for almost a month and a half somebody has to put designs back up there before some of these children get killed out here we've been after our speed bumps but we haven't got any of those yet since last year so please put our signs back up please hope see you out there within the next week you got to help us out here we called the mayor's office in the mayor's office said to for us to keep requesting for them to be put back up so far six people were injured and one was killed on that corner because those signs are missing
Q. What type of sign are you reporting?
A. Yield
Q. If you selected "Other' above, please specify.
A. signs are laying on the ground and one is missing the one in front of 16519 is laying on the ground from an accident the one in front of 16600 on the corner of Shakespeare going west is missing they took it out of the ground the two stop signs the one in on the corner in front of 16609 on the corner of edmark and the one that was in front of 16516 Edmore they stole those stop signs we would like them replaced because there was so many accidents on that corner recently 3 people were injured one died because the stop signs are missing and you'll signs are not where they were one is laying on the ground and he took the rest of the poles and the signs out people. they fly through those corners
Q. Are you reporting a sign that is blocking access to the street, sidewalk, or blocking property access?
A. No
Q. Is the street sign pole in cement or in dirt?
A. Unable to Determine


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