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I live at La Costa Brava condos across from The Village at Paradise Island. For almost a year now I have been living with the incessant barking coming from across the water. The building directly across from me has 4 dogs in it and every dog in this complex comes by these 3 dogs and the owners some times hang around and the dogs bark and bark and bark. There are 2 on the end that the owners leave out on their balcony and when they start barking do nothing to stop it. Second unit in only recently has gotten a dog or moved in recently, and this dog is also allowed to stay out on the second level balcony and just bark at passers by. The thrid dog in this building is a beagle and this thing howl/barks at the dogs/people that come by or up to the owners patio. He is more often than not tied outside sometimes the owner is there some times he's inside. This all starts sometimes by 7:30 in the am... continuously throughout the day. I have hours of videos. I work from home and its so disruptive. More recently 2 ladies have started walking their dogs to the dock that is near by and these 2 dogs do nothing but bark the whole time they are on the dock... yesterday there were 5 dogs congregated in front of the townhouse where the begal lives... it was a regular dog park.
These people have zero respect for the people across the water and their immediate neighbors. I have seen people come out of their bedrooms on the 3rd floor of the same building to see what all the racket is.

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