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Health/Sanitary Code Issues


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I know at this moment the main concern is COVID19 but at this l apartment complex Cochituate Homes there is a mice infestation in ALL apartments. It doesn’t not matter how clean Or de cluttered your apartment is. I’ve heard from MANY different residents throughout the complex including my own which we have done every possible thing to try and get this under control but nothing is working. You closes a whole in the heaters and they make another one elsewhere. I even hear them on the walls. The office send the exterminator but if he only goes to one apartment of the four that are connected it does not help. He comes place traps and/or mice poison and that’s it, there is no constant maintenance to control this. There are many children, elderly and immunocompromised residents in this complex. This is out of control!
In my case one of the apartment next to me is a storage for as this residents own a restaurant Business in Framingham. People often see them taking spoiled food out.
I ask that you please look into this, please. This is horrible that we have to leave in this conditions.

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