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Lost Pet


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Glen Burnie

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Toy Yorkshire Terrier. Female. Porscha. Missing since 5/4/2020

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Q. Was this animal lost in Anne Arundel County?
A. Yes
Q. If no, what county was the animal lost in?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Type of Animal
A. Dog
Q. Animal's Name
A. Porscha
Q. Breed
A. Yorkshire Terrier
Q. Gender
A. Female
Q. Is your pet spayed/neutered?
A. Yes
Q. Color(s)
A. Brown, gray, black
Q. Approximate Age
A. 3
Q. Approximate Weight
A. 5lbs
Q. Is your pet microchipped?
A. Yes
Q. Please list any identifiable features/markings on your animal (ex. declawed)?
A. Tattooed marking on her stomach showing she was spayed. Blue/green dot
Q. Date animal was lost
A. lundi 04 mai 2020 17 h 00
Q. Area animal was lost (Community, City, Zip Code) ?
A. 21060
Q. Nearest Intersection where pet was lost?
A. Richie Hwy (Rt. 2) and B&A Blvd
Q. Contact Name:
A. Frances Boening
Q. Contact Phone:
A. 4107662782
Q. Contact Email:
A. No Answer Given

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