Lack of pedestrian facilities at Rice High School entrance Open

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The sidewalk that runs up the hill on Proctor Ave runs directly to Rice High School. There is no connection to Fairmont Place, requiring you to walk through the Rice parking lot (if their gate is open) or over the grass and over/under the chain fence that runs on the South side of Proctor. There is no shoulder on Proctor so walking on the side of the street is not an option. In the morning or afternoon when students are arriving or departing the Proctor-Rice-Fairmont intersection can get very busy. Cars go quite fast for the conditions and usually don't stop for pedestrians, probably because there is no sidewalk and no crosswalk. The pedestrian or child on a bike is in a bit of a no-man's-land. The intersection is also not at all accessible for the disabled and a detour to Shelburne Road is so far that it is impractical.
This can be seen pretty well on the Google Street View.

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