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We have had ongoing issues in this building with bed bugs and cockroaches. Myself and the other tenants contacted the main office and maintenance multiple times over weeks and rarely received call backs. Took 3 weeks to get my unit treated for bed bugs after I first reported. No one even called me to tell me it was happening. I found out from my neighbor. They don’t want to be bothered to speak to us. Other units have had issues with roaches one being so infested the floor was covered. When the office was notified by that tenants family member they were told “it can’t be that bad” I was witness to a floor covered in roaches. We do have photos. On 5/4 an exterminator tried to treat the unit but the infestation was so bad he had to leave and couldn’t finish the job. No one has been back and we constantly have roaches running out of the apartment into the hallway and into the unit across. It seems as though when we do get through to someone they are annoyed with us and just yell at us that they are aware. They even yelled at one of my neighbors to stop calling. It’s hard to stop calling when you wake up covered in bed bug bites and no one wants to do anything. We have been very patient but at this point we feel helpless with the lack of communication and urgency to a very serious infestation and need help.

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