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.MBTA bus 1781 drove a few feet behind me honking it's horn as I rode in the bike lane at 5:05pm on 5/15. I caught the bus at the next light and the driver told me to stay in the bike lane. I was riding in the edge of the narrow bike lane to avoid being doored. Ignore the fact that bikes are allowed to take the lane per MA law.

Driving aggressively like this got the bus nowhere quicker (I arrived at the Watertown Yard before him anyways as I passed him at his next stop), but had I hit a pothole or something while the bus was a few feet behind me, I would surely have been yet another person killed by an MBTA bus, and I'm sure they would have said some BS about me "swerving into his path."

I reported this separately to the MBTA, but from what I have read in the Globe, their safety culture is a joke and I doubt they will do anything about it so I'm posting it here. I know driving a bus now is very stressful and I'm thankful for the essential workers taking risks, but there is no need to drive recklessly. Most MBTA drivers are great, but this guy needs some remedial training before he kills someone.

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