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I am having an issue of being harassed and damaged to personal property. The individual is using crawl spaces and using a metal rod to cause damage in the apartment. They reside in Apartment 104 at MCArthur Landing and possibly Apt 203. My luggage was ripped because of this and we have small holes throughout the apartment caused by these individuals. We call the cops they do nothing even at times seem to be involved. This all started when filed a complaint on Philadelphia of stalking and local drug dealers trying to rob our home. Shortly after we began to be the subject of their investigation, even though we filed the complaint. We are harassed and stalked I actually consider it the norm. We laugh about being admired, and having a fan club. Truth is it is sad and sickening. Once my family moved to Fayetteville they experienced some issues with a landlord performing insurance fraud. We believe some of the issues could be the result of them hiring a private investigator. We have had our email, phones hacked and tracked monitoring everything that we do as if we are criminals. Meanwhile the real criminals are free to harass us as well. We can't win, I would have never spoken to the police had I known they do not actually investigate the allegations but the person instead. This all began with my filing a report. I am starting to believe the persons involved are linked to the police dept. None of this make any sense. The car has scratches on the interior and exterior you can see in the paint where someone is sticking something between the trunk and doors. The interior trunk has scratches all over with on yesterday the spare tire being messed with. When does this end? We aren't scared but the car was just painted less than 10 months ago and now needs to be painted again! The apartment is the responsibility of the mgmt and McArthur Park is great, but what about my personal property. My wedding dress has holes in it from the probe coming through the floor. You can see around the perimeter of the floor where they are sticking something through in addition to being on camera.

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Q. What was the vehicle number?
A. KYJ5527
Q. What time did the INCIDENT occur?
A. 24/7
Q. Was This A Pick-up or Drop-Off?
A. N/A
Q. Issue Type?
A. Other
Q. Other?
A. Harassment and Property Destruction
Q. Do you need a follow up call?
A. Yes

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