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Tall Grass/Weeds or Public Nuisances on Private Property


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Give them credit they do cut grass it's just that it's only every 3 or 4 months but the overgrown bushes, the ivy growing up and into other yards and even up the house is getting to be a bit much. The bushes in the front of the house have not been trimmed since before 2005. You can't even see the front door or windows. You probably can't even open the front door. The backyard was bad enough when the grass and weeds were over 4 feet high but now the trees are popping up from roots of bigger trees. Ivy is taking over just about every tree in the front and back. This puts neighboring properties in jeopardy because ivy will kill a tree and when that tree falls it's going to hit the neighbors house or car. Something needs to be done.

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