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See 311 reports 200514-002014 and 200518-002093 and
SCF case #200521-000880.

For more than a week, there's been a bike trail closure on the Carlisle underpass between Cutler and Interstate 40 with a detour that sends cyclists the wrong way down a one way street.

Sending cyclists the wrong way down a one way street does not meet the MUTCD requirement that traffic control plans consider the safety of all road users. It's inconceivable that a traffic control plan sending cars the wrong way down a one way street would have remained in place and unfixed for more than a week.

An additional detour was added that diverts cyclists onto Menaul Boulevard, which is in no way safe for cyclists.

I guess this really isn't very dangerous, but only because no cyclist would be stupid enough to actually do what the detour signs tell them to do.

In the meantime, the work requiring the closure appears to have been completed for the better part of a week.

In all three cases the 311/SCF reports were closed before the problem was actually dealt with, which is a disturbing pattern here. In this case, the action taken was to request the sign company to remove the barricades. The sign company has not, the needlessly dangerous situation remains. Calling a sign company, if the sign company does not actually do anything (a pattern in these situations), should not constitute a successful response to a citizen request.

The sign contractor is clearly in violation of city ordinance 6-5-2 here, along multiple dimensions - a traffic control plan that doesn't meet MUTCD as required, and leaving the barricades there long after the work is completed. But as long as y'all won't enforce the rules and implement the penalties allowed under the ordinance, this problem will continue. The sign companies face no consequences.

Don't just tell us again that you're going to call the sign company. Tell us how you're going to actually fix this problem.


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