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My father passed away on Oct 7, 2019 a 34 year veteran and was buried in the veterans section. His headstone has not been placed at his grave, so I called the funeral home in mid April 2020. The funeral home informed me that they would check because it usually takes 6 months for his stone to come in and the cemetery doesn’t install them until spring which both passed. The response I received was they are busy and working on it. In early May 2020 I called Forestdale cemetery to inquire and was told they were so busy they didn’t even have time to cut the grass. I was then promised that they would put it up before Memorial Day. On Saturday 5/23 evening low and behold no grave stone. I highly doubt Sunday or on the actual holiday anyone will be working. Totally unacceptable for a veteran or any family who paid to lay their love one to rest!

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