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96 Prairie Lane Levittown Ny 11756 Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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East Meadow

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pothole, traffic, homeless, snow

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Let us know how the plows did by you. (plow0127)
Try driving down prairie lane and you let me know how the plows did !! The last snow storm they may have passed through maybe once leaving the whole area a big bumpy mess !!!! If you have kidney stones just take a ride down prairie lane and no doubt youll be able to pass them !!! Real Nice Job !!! And another thing , the town should be out reducing the heights of these gigantic snow mounds so that when people are driving they are able to see oncoming traffic !!!!! Ah heres an idea ,,, maybe you wanna raise our taxes again to get the job done !! Thieves !!!

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