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Willow Cove Rd Se & Weatherly Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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City of Huntsville


Street Maintenance


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906 both sides of mailbox
808 E end of property in an existing patch
804 two potholes in an existing patch
802 in an existing patch
700 E side of driveway and another approx 25’ further W
510 potholes in both large existing patches and another approx 40’ W of first patch
508 at driveway and approx 30’ E in existing patch and another in the center lane
504 inside lane
502 two potholes
Approx 50’ E of 1000 block of Louis Dr in the inside lane
Approx 70’ W of 1000 bock of Louis Dr
404 two potholes
Approx 25’ W of Lily Flagg Circle in existing patch
In intersection of 10000 block of Hogan Dr
Between railroad tracks and 10000 block of Strong Dr several potholes
Crosswalk across Weatherly at Blanda a number of potholes
Just W of 9100 block of Strong an others in that intersection with Weatherly
Approx 35’ E of 9100 block of Hogan Dr and anothr 25’ further E of that one
Intersection of 9100 block Camille & Weatherly
Between 503 and approx 60’ W of this address
Intersection of valley View & Weatherly
Approx 35’ W Valley View
Intersection of 8900 block of Hickory Hill & Weatherly another approx 15’further E
Between 705 and 711 several potholes
Front of 711
801 several potholes most in existing patches
803 several potholes
Just W of Edgehill Dr in existing patch
901 potholes in several existing patches
903 several potholes
Approx 60’E of Annies Place
Approx 60’W of 9900 block of Willow Cove in an existing patch
Intersection of 9900 block of Willow Cove & Weatherly
Between 9100 block Cascade Circle & 1st driveway to W another approx 10’ E in existing patch
On the N side of Weatherly directly across street from Meredith Ln
Between Walmart driveway and 1425A Weatherly
1428 in existing patch
Approx 30’ W of edge of bridge over Aldridge Ck in east bound lane
Approx 10’ E of Meredith Ln
Intersection of 1000 block of Willow Cove & Weatherly another approx 10’ further W
Intersection of YMCA driveway & Weatherly, several potholes another approx 10’ further W
Approx 40’ E of Cannstatt Dr & Weatherly intersection

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