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Road Issues Other Than Potholes


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We live on the corner of Ocean/Englewood in Magnolia. Recently Englewood was repaved which covered several phases of repair and improvement. While this was done, the corner of our lot was rearranged and pushed back, leaving a large area of dirt exposed. As a taxpayer Gloucester, I am asking to please have this section either paved or covered with crushed stone. When we park or walk here, it is a sea of mud. As senior citizens, we are not prepared to bear the expense of buying stone to cover this area. PART TWO: during construction process, the street sign got twisted sideways. it is confusing for delivery trucks- we have already had one of our orders delivered to the wrong house, since the sign is facing the wrong way. It is impossible for us to budge the OCEAN AVE sign and will need a strong piece of equipment. These are our two requests and we hope that our publish works division can help with these. Sincerely, Jacquelyn Smith THANK YOU

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