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Rampant red light running blocking box Open

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I asked MPD nearly a year ago (March '10) to address rampant red light running. Very often, drivers coming into the District from Key Bridge run the red light and completely block the box, preventing the drivers on M Street (going towards Georgetown) from advancing. Several light sequences can go by before the intersection clears - I frequently observe that not even one eastbound vehicle (on M St.) can go through their green light at this intersection with the Key Bridge.

Many times, it takes 20 mins or more in bumper to bumper traffic to go less than a mile from the entrance to Georgetown University (near Canal Rd and M St) to get past the intersection with the Key Bridge. Part of the problem could be that the traffic lights have no built in delay.

A related problem contributing to gridlock on this stretch of M St. NW is that the right lane of M St is dedicated exclusively for entrance to the Whitehurst Freeway, but often people stop in that lane, block traffic and wait until someone lets them into the left lane so they can continue on towards Georgetown. I don't know if these drivers are caught unawares or purposely go to the front of the traffic to switch lanes.

My guess is that the situation could benefit from greater enforcement as well as adjustments by DDOT.

This intersection needs either a new red light camera, increased traffic enforcement and/or adjustment of the traffic signal. Can you help?!?

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