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Environmental Complaint (Garbage & Debris, Weeds/ Vegetation, etc.) Acknowledged

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City of Newark


Environmental Complaint (Garbage & Debris, Weeds/ Vegetation, etc.)


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The weeds and debris, but more especially the weeds are continuously growing into my property from both abandoned properties exactly behind my property at 232 First St, Newark, NJ 07107 has had a negative impact on my property and both my neighbors because there’s no one to upkeep either property. It’s so bad, when it rains the green from the trees leave mold on my back wall and the water runs down the back of my property causing mold to grown the side of my house going up the wall as well. When I have it cleaned, it repeats itself every time it rain again. Please help us we’re seeking some kind of resolution that’s not going to hinder or effect our health.

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Q. Select item of complaint
A. Overgrown Weeds/Vegetation
Q. Is it on public or private property?
A. Private Property
Q. Where is the nest located? (Please be descriptive on the exact location i.e tree, bench, pole, etc.)
A. The 2 Properties are directly behind my address at 232 First St, Newark, NJ 07107

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