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drug dealing


I have noticed the last few weeks that a few men have been waiting/sitting at the picnic table inside the New Haven Parking Authority Lot at the corner of Olive and Court around 6 or so. Today, I saw this again. Another man arrived in a truck and waited. Then, another car arrived. They got out and I couldn't tell what happened next but perhaps there was to be an exchange of drugs or maybe they were just meeting up. Who knows. But, either way, there are many unregistered cars parking in this lot. This is a paying lot. Second, what are these men doing hanging out in the lot? It is disconcerting to those of us who pay to park their cars. Someone should come by and see what's up. On weeknights there is drinking and partying in this lot out of cars, again who do not belong there. Also, cars should be ticketed. This might dissuade parking and hanging out. Third, the attorneys office should be urged to remove the picnic table. It encourages people to hang out well into late at night.

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