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Public Park


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Shocked but not surprised that in Malden neighbors are calling MPD to throw people out of a park well before sundown. Among other things, it's a great place to watch the sunset. I've never once felt unsafe there and neither should the neighbors. I wonder why the neighbors feel that way. Could it have anything to do with the basketball court, the fact that the neighbors have an irrational fear of those using it because they don't fit the demographic of the immediately surrounding neighborhood, and that they are basically using their privilege to get the police to enforce their vision of just who has a right to use Malden's parks? MPD should not acquiesce to being used like this. The city should simply set dusk as the closing time for ALL parks city-wide and enforce the rule evenly. Neither the city nor MPD should allow themselves to be drawn into enforcing the privileged mentality of these neighbors. It's blatantly obvious to me what's going on here and what these residents are doing. Let's not get drawn into this. Because it really doesn't look good. Ask Barbecue Becky, et al. how this sort of thing worked out. Our city doesn't need that.

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