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Animal Care & Control


Found Pet


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Herald Harbor

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Female yellow lab with colorful collar

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Q. Was this animal found in Anne Arundel County?
A. Yes
Q. If no, what county was the animal found in?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Type of Animal
A. Dog
Q. Animal's Name
A. No Answer Given
Q. Suspected Breed
A. Yellow lab
Q. Gender
A. Female
Q. To your knowledge is the pet spayed/neutered?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Color(s)
A. Light yellow
Q. Approximate Age
A. No Answer Given
Q. Approximate Weight
A. No Answer Given
Q. Has the pet been scanned for a microchip?
A. No
Q. Please list any identifiable features/markings on the animal?
A. Small black spot on tongue
Q. Date animal was found?
A. 06/27/2020 04:45PM
Q. Area animal was found (Community, City, Zip Code) ?
A. Herald Harbor
Q. Nearest Intersection where pet was found?
A. Severnside Lane & Kyle Rd
Q. Contact Name:
A. Melissa
Q. Contact Phone:
A. 5712126572
Q. Contact Email
A. No Answer Given

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  • Anne Arundel County, MD (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

  • Robin Catlett (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

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