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Direct Ramps from NYS Thruway to Sheehan Lane Needed Open

I-87 S & Sheehan Ln Town of Ulster, NY, 12477, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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The implementation of new "Thruway Cashless Tolling System" is just around the corner, and this brings many new opportunities for the NYS Thruway to modernize in order to provide better service to NYS residents. Since the old, outdated, long, sprawling interchange ramps will no longer be needed (due to the removal of cash-collection Toll Plazas,) adding more on- and off- ramps where there currently are none, would be a great way to help motorists cut down on travel times, and get to their destinations more efficiently. There are countless locations throughout the Thruway System where residents live directly next to the interstate, yet they are forced to drive 5, 10, even 15 miles out of their way just to access the NYS Thruway! The new "Cashless-Tolling" gantry system eliminates this problem! Now, all that is required is two simple on- and off- ramps at an overpass or underpass, and small overhead gantries to be installed! This would be a much-welcomed upgrade at many locations, and one such place is where Sheehan Lane passes over the NYS Thruway, just south of Saugerties, NY. The design would be very simple, requring only four straight ramps from Sheehan Lane, connect them to the NYS Thruway, and install "Cashless-Tolling" gantries at this location! Then the residents of more rural areas wouldn't have to travel all the way to Exit 19 or Exit 20 in order to get onto the Thruway! I think this would be a great idea for the State of New York to do in order to better serve the community's transportation needs for the future!

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