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Traffic: Signal, Signage, and Striping Maintenance Acknowledged

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City of Jersey City


Traffic: Signal, Signage, and Striping Maintenance


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Plastic striping damaged and not upright where cars are now parking right over them at this corner.

I tried to push it back up and bend it so it stays straight the other day however I was unable to. I think the actual plastic structure has completely failed. Can you please put in a request to have the one on 4th and Erie Street fixed and also the one on Erie Street and 4th Street. It is the same intersection but multiple plastic striping has been damaged. (These striping are to prevent cars from parallel parking too close to the corner impeding visibility for on-coming traffic and for motorists making turns onto the main road.)

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A. 3. Traffic: Roadway Striping Maintenance (For all requests to refresh faded roadway striping, including crosswalks, double yellow centerlines, stop bars and markings, lane arrows, etc. Requests are typically addressed within 3 to 6 months.
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