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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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Drivers are continually speeding down Hillmont Dr. at speeds over 50mph, ignoring stop signs, ignoring pedestrians and causing extreme danger in this very residential neighborhood. Drivers would often ignore the stop signs at the normal speed limit, but the last 3 months have shown a massive increase in high speed drivers blasting through this stretch of Hillmont between Seminary and Edwards. The city needs to add something to prohibit drivers from ignoring the stop signs and driving at these dangerous speeds. There is currently an electric "Your Speed" sign and it is literally doing nothing. I think drivers are actually speeding up as they go by the sign instead. There needs to be a traffic circle or some other barrier installed in order to make a difference and bring safety back to this street. If the city doesn't do anything, it is only a matter of time before an accident or worse yet a death. Please do something now to prevent this likely outcome.

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A. Traffic Island
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