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Dogs residing at 36 Commonwealth Ave. were allowed to BARK consistently, non-stop from 8:30 - 9:00 PM on July 1, 2020. Several neighbors screamed to "shut up", "take your dogs in!" etc... but no response from the owners. These dogs (and more specifically their owners!) have been a public nuicence for several years. It appears to be getting worse not better. We have all spoken to them about it. They thumb their nose at us. "What can we do?!" Many of the neighbors are unable to enjoy being outside because the dogs start manically barking the moment anyone steps outside. They are driving us all crazy! Most neighbors won't bother to file an official complaint, but they are complaining to each other and the owners. This situation cannot continue - tempers are high and it's ready to blow. Please, do something to keep the peace.

also asked...
Q. What type/size animal?
A. Medium (dog, fox, small deer, etc)
Q. Where is the animal located?
A. Private Property
Q. Is it a dead animal?
A. No.


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