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Police Traffic Concern


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I wanted to make you aware of a serious ongoing problem. I live in Meadow Lane Condos on Nardelli Lane between Masonic and 13 mile Rd. Nardelli feeds into Flora which is the side street to the west of Krogers. There is a light right there on 13 mile mile and Flora. The problem is that on a daily basis there are multiple times throughout the day and evening that cars narrowly miss colliding. Flora is a through street which gives the right of way to those vehicles that are driving on Flora. It does not give the right of way to the vehicles that are in the Kroger parking lot trying to exit or the parking lot directly across from it where Scambler Maries is located. I cannot tell you how many times a day that someone from one of those parking lots or both of the parking lots feels as if they have the right of way, just pull out in front of a vehicle traveling North or South on Flora. Many times they dart from one parking lot right across to the other one, pulling out in front of traffic already traveling on Flora, causing the Flora traffic to slam on their brakes. These people actually think they have the right of way. If you are traveling on a through street such as Flora you do not have to stop your vehicle so that a vehicle exiting one of the parking lots can enter onto Flora. This happens ALL day long. Its ridiculous. Like I say these people literally feel as if you are in the wrong, they have no idea of who has the right of way. They don't care, no one using turn signals, they dont know the laws and if they do they certainly do not care. It's summer, tempers are going to be flaring along with the heat, people in generally just dont care , probably 80 % of them don't even belong going north of Flora anyway as they dont live back through the Condo's or the town houses, they cut through our road from Masonic to get to Krogers. I just wanted to make you aware of the fact that there are going to be multiple accidents.

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