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Macon-Bibb County


TRAFFIC ENG: Sign Installation


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I sit on my porch daily and see cars fly down my road even up to around 60 or more mph. I have a hearing impaired child that may not hear or see an oncoming vehicle speeding down our street. I have watched multiple times cyclist and skateboarders fly through the intersection and cars screeching to a stop or the kids from the children's home being kids hanging out and almost getting hit by the cars coming down Hines Terrace.
I have witnessed almost car accidents when on Mc Donald the cars have a stop sign and when they pull out after stopping the speeding cars just miss an accident.
A stop sign to make this a four way stop would highly benefit our neighborhood. Please make this happen.

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Q. What are you requesting repair of?
A. Signs
Q. List exact location
A. Corner of 292 Hines Terrace and McDonald intersection
Q. Signs - Be specific in description box
A. Stop, Speed limit, Slow Children, Other
Q. Is the metal pole damaged?
A. N/A
Q. Signals - Be specific in description box
A. Other

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