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Driving in Bike Lanes and Parking Lanes Acknowledged

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It's been awhile since the bike lanes were added to Fr. Morrissette, but nearly every day on my commute I'm still seeing drivers driving in the bike lanes and/or the parking lanes when no cars are parked there. Most are people who move over to the right long before the turn lane starts (especially outbound by Jeanne D'Arc and Wannalancit before turning right onto Cabot), but others just completely disregard the bike lanes and drive in them as if there were still two travel lanes.

I don't know what can be done regarding better traffic enforcement or some sort of barriers (there are sometimes a barrel at the very beginning of the bike lane, but they fall over or move, or cars just move over right after the barrel), but I worry it's such a safety concern. Just a matter of time before a biker gets hit. Plus, yesterday a car turned right at the proper time to turn onto Cabot and was nearly rear-ended by a car driving illegally in that lane.

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