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Traffic (Safety and Speeding) Acknowledged

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City of Malden


Traffic (Safety and Speeding)


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Malden Ward 5




Wanted to send along a request to see if there are any possible suggestions to help this busy intersection that feels unsafe? Thanks! Franklin Street is a two-way street, that intersects a busy intersection at Eastern Ave. Trying to turn onto Franklin Street from Eastern Ave, there have been multiple near car accidents caused from oncoming traffic. There's a few things happening at the intersection: Cars often park on the right hand side of the street, all the way up to the intersection, leaving no room for locals to turn onto this street (see photo). There is also, oncoming traffic driving down Franklin street towards Eastern Ave, that drive in the middle of the street, blocking the entire street entrance. Open to any suggestions to make it safer to turn onto Franklin Street! A few avenues to explore could be limiting parking up to the corner of the street, which would provide more room to turn onto the street. Another is providing some street markings (like a center line) to help designate that at this is a two-way street. It wouldn't have to run the whole street, just around where the street starts.

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