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The intersection at Everit & Cold Spring Streets is a dangerous one. The cars rarely stop for the stop sign- braking only when oncoming traffic decides to go. This pattern makes it an outrageously dangerous situation for our kids walking to school. In addition, the one safety precaution in place-- the crossing guard posted at that spot-- is frequently late and generally leaves even before school starts, so the kids who are running late (and not necessarily paying attention to traffic) are left to fend for themselves. Today, the crossing guard did not show up at all. The question is not IF a child will be hit by a car, but WHEN if this continues.

The issue has three parts: 1. What times are the crossing guards SUPPOSED to be present at their stations? 2. How do we ensure the crossing guard is there during the designated times? 3. What can the police do to make it a reasonably safe place for pedestrians to cross? Please help now.


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