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Trees along City Streets Acknowledged

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City of Jersey City


Parks and Forestry: Trees along City Streets


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There are some city owned trees in front 2 two homes on Stegman Street that need to be cut/trimmed down. The branches seems to be interfering with electrical live wiring. I noticed during the storm that wires seems to sparking around the branches and leaves...Not sure if the wires are getting ready to break or if they have been cut somehow by the tree branches

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Q. Please select an issue
A. Tree Trimming
Q. Type of tree (choose other if not listed or unknown)
A. Other
Q. Street Sweeping Days
A. Monday & Thursday
Q. Street Sweeping Hours:
A. 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Q. Additional Information
A. 2 two trees in front of my property and 1 other trees in the neighbors across from mine.
Q. Is the Tree in front of the Property?
A. Yes

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