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The person that bought this house from the DLBA has started to erect an illegal fence around city owned property lots that are not owned by this this individual. This individual has also started a so called illegal farm on Webb behind this property as these lots are also owned by the city.

Also they are blocking the sidewalk on Webb with piles of mulch and also parts of the street. How can you expect people to walk around your mess!

They have even erected an illegal sign on the corner of Webb and Holmur. West Detroit Farms???? They are not even a legal identity registered with the State of Michigan Agriculture Department or the City of Detroit. LARA.

This is out of control in this RESIDENTIAL AREA. THIS IS NOT FARM LAND!

If this person wants to use these lots, they need to purchase them legally through the dlba.

This person has a green house that is falling apart as well as chickens and ducks that are fenced in on city property as well.

This person needs to finish the land bank home that was purchased and stop playing so called farmer.

If this person can not finish the land bank house they purchased, as there are still boards on windows how are they watering a whole block of plants?????

Illegal water hook up / no meter? Detroit Water and Sewage might want to be notified as well about this.

Everyone needs to pay for what they are using and not just try to claim something to benefit them.

also asked...
Q. What Type of Restoration?
A. Fence
Q. Is it hazardous?
A. Yes

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