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Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged

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Town of North Attleboro


Abandoned Vehicle


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There are lights on the building of ultra auto that are aimed into the eyes of vehicles travelling southbound on rt 1 as well as all vehicles attempting to turn left onto smith stree from southbound rt 1 the lights were installed by the company recently and appear to be intentionally aimed into the eyes of drivers. It is extremley dangerous and one of these evenings it is going to cause a major issue and a car accident. Can the north attleboro Police please inquire about this. As well as the vast amount of vehicles that ultra auto has parked for sale on state property outside of the Old A&I Radiator building.

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Q. Is the vehicle on public or private property?
A. Public
Q. Vehicle make?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Vehicle model?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Vehicle color?
A. No Answer Given

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