Stop sign or speed bumps needed on MacArthur at Millsview La qiray

5435 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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City of Oakland - OLD


Street/Traffic Issue (Other than Pothole)


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Maxwell Park

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signs, traffic, crosswalk, snow, road safety


The bend in the road where MacArthur meets Millsview needs a stop sign in both directions or speed bumps to slow drivers down. Drivers speed up and down MacArthur after the lights turn green at 55th and at the Mills entrance. I've only lived in this neighborhood two years and have twice seen that speeding cars coming down MacArthur have lost control coming around the bend and have crossed on-coming traffic and plowed thru the chain link fence into the Mills campus! Every time I drive up MacArthur around that bend, cars coming down the street cross the double yellow line because they are speeding and can not control their vehicles. Cars have come into my lane as much as 3 feet speeding towards me! There's also a cross walk across MacArthur at that intersection; the perfect place for a stop sign so pedestrians don't have to try to cross the street while drivers speed by at 40 MPH or faster. Something needs to be done to slow cars in both directions immediately!

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