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Rec'd email: Subject: Outdoor Classrooms and COVID
Hi everyone,

As teachers and parents are trying to figure out how to return to school, I’ve heard a lot of talk of outdoor classrooms.

The Sustainability Academy has one that is used year round, and I know that it was an all-hands-on-deck kind of effort to get it done. I was wondering if the city, parks and rec, the schools, and local companies could band together to get them built at all of the schools?

I work for a nonprofit that gets calls from companies wanting to volunteer all the time, and I can imagine them wanting to donate to make it happen too. I can really see the community rallying around this.

SA does use their outdoor classrooms year round and in all weather and are a great model to follow.

Of course, I’d be happy to help and I know other parents would as well.

Thanks for all your doing during this wild time!

Sarah Woodard
24 Front St.
(Kids at IAA and Hunt)

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