Dangerous Trash and Waste Concerns Open

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There is a marijuana plant being grown in a small neon green pot in the front of Anderson Way’s property behind the white picket fence. This is only one of the many issues that have plagued this area.

I am also writing about an on-going waste/trash problem in the area that joins the backs of 66, 62, 56, and 52 Wheeler Street and the backs of 2, 4, 6, and 8 Anderson Way. This waste and trash situation became critical. For many years, this in-between area, surrounded by fences on both the Wheeler Street and Anderson Way, has been a place where teens and other questionable drug and alcohol addicted individuals have often gone to drink, do drugs, and engage in other inappropriate activities. Now it seems to be a dumping ground for all sorts of waste from bottles and cans to cigarette buts, condoms, tampons, needles, long fluorescent light bulbs, propane gas tanks, downed tree limbs and branches and an inordinate amount of large and small trash that is often thrown there before, on, or after trash pick-up days. Removal of this waste is not the type of job that a resident of either street should engage in as it is both disgusting and dangerous. The clean-up that is needed in this area should be done with trucks and professionals who are trained for such waste removal.

I do know that one or more residents from Anderson Way have called and written to the city on multiple occasions to discuss this matter. To date, we have neither received a response nor seen any attempt to remedy the situation and the area deteriorates by the day. It is unsightly, embarrassing, and dangerous.

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