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Many people in the area fear that if the city allows the protestors to break laws, no matter how small (graffiti, traffic violations, fights, threats, etc.), it will lead to greater law breaking such as is happening in Portland, Chicago, New York, etc. There is also concern that the city posting the Black Lives Matter images on their site is supporting one group over the other. Most people believe is social change, but not in that particular organization which stands for something completely different. As a city, you are alienating those citizens that support the police & believe that organization (not the movement itself for change) is a violent organization focused on law breaking, violating citizens rights & bullying. It is not right for the city to support the fear mongers instead of their peaceful tax paying citizens. You give an inch, they take a mile & there is fear in your citizens. That is not right. Support the law abiding citizens that are now fearful and won’t walk Beach at night, won’t go to the pier during certain hours and are silenced because they do not feel supported by their local government.


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