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Speeding and Wrecks Acknowledged

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I have called the Police Department in regards to the high speed and racing and wrecks on this street. I have seen one patrol for only about an hour. There have been several wrecks, one last week where a person wrecked and hit a pole and tried to escape. Another incident where a car left the road and damaged a fence past the sidewalk. Another where a person hit a student from Corona High on a skateboard. I teach in the district and have seen the traffic on this street get worse and worse. The cars race and are very loud including motorcycles etc.
1. My suggestion is to have officers patrol at the Lincoln Park entrance where the cars are reaching their top speed. 2pm-7pm is high traffic time. Including late night 11pm-1am speeding.
2. The other is to put up a blinking red stop sign 1/2 way down to stop the cars and keep them from gaining high speed.
3. Set up a speed detector that will take photos of license plates and write tickets automatically.
4. Another suggestion is to close it down to school and residence only with large cement walls and signs, but keep one side open for emergency vehicles.
When school resumes there will be no accidents and the school will drop off and pick up much easier and safer.
The people that speed on this street can easily go down Lincoln to 6th street, or use Smith to 6th street.
This is a dangerous area for speeding. It is unsafe and will soon kill someone. Please do not wait until that happens before something is done in regards to this problem.
I really hope that you can take this note seriously before someone is hurt or killed.

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