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Drainage/Flooding Issue Acknowledged

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Town of North Attleboro


Drainage/Flooding Issue


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While walking around town I have noticed so much litter and I have periodically gone out with rubber gloves and picked up trash to help keep my town clean. There are no trash receptacles except for one at 7-Eleven and in the Commons. Some of the drainage are clogged with trash and debris the Dell's store has a lot of foot traffic and no trash receptacle. The bulk of the trash I have picked up has been rubber gloves, face mask, bags with dog waste thrown under trees, plastic cups & bottles, cigarettes butts, people smoke outside the restaurants and there are no cigarette receptacles.

This issue with the trash is all through downtown and on all the side roads, can we get some trash and cigarette receptacles to help cut down on this issue it is a health issue.

North Attleboro is a beautiful town let's try to keep it that way.

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