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I am Eloise Morris at 22470 Malta St., Detroit, MI 48223 and a seasoned Senior Citizen. The tree that's on the Berm is in need of trimming or removal. The long branches cover part of the roof. Besides, a vegetable like produce sheds from the tree and falls in the yard and on the roof in abundance. This tree will cause a tremendous amount of damage to my home in the event of heavy wind storm. Please assist in trimming or removing the branches from this tree.
Thank you.

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Q. If exact address is unknown, please provide the nearest address to the problem.
A. 22470 Malta St., Detroit, MI 48223
Q. What is the nature of the problem?
A. Tree Trimming Needed
Q. Is access to a sidewalk, street, driveway or property blocked?
A. No
Q. Where is the tree located?
A. Berm (area between sidewalk and street)

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