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Item On Public Way - Bulk Acknowledged

159 1/2 Vernon St Worcester, MA 01610, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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City of Worcester


Item On Public Way - Bulk


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various forms of littler

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Q. If dumped from a vehicle, provide a description of the vehicle. Include make, model and plate number if possible.
A. .
Q. Do you know the source?
A. multiple apartment units on same property
Q. Day and time of dumping if known.
A. .
Q. How long has it been there?
A. every week. this address habitually leaves inappropriate trash on the sidewalk every week for the past several months
Q. Is it obstructing traffic or the sidewalk?
A. it is a mess across sidewalk, curb, and roadway. besides the objects, the habitual garbage mess has created stains and foul odors on the walking surface that children and families must circumvent
Q. What is the item?
A. bulk plastic items

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