Pedestrian-auto traffic coordination Open

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Might I sugest that the walk signals for all four crosswalks are lit at the same time, and all four directions of traffic are stopped during that time? So, N-S traffic gets green (no walking), E-W traffic gets green (no walking), then all four corners get the walk sign (no traffic in any direction). If this is done in tandem with the Bridge-Gay intersection doing the same thing, it might actually increase traffic flow, because traffic will not be held up by turners waiting for pedestrians!

There is no protected left or dedicated left turn lane, a lot of turns are made here, traffic travels outside of the lane around a car waiting to turn in order to cross the intersection, and there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. So, it is difficult for drivers to keep track of traffic and pedestrians when making a turn, it is difficult for pedestrians to keep track of all turning and "drive around the turner" traffic, and I fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident. Will it really take someone to get hurt or killed at this intersection?

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