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Traffic Signal Issue - If this is after business hours, (Monday-Friday 8:30a-4:30p) please call the non-emergency police switchboard line at 781-393-4700


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I have visited the DPW twice since April of 2019 regarding missing STOP and stop line templates at each of the four existing STOP signs. Initially I was told that there was a backlog because of rainy conditions was informed by email over a year ago that my request would be "First on the list". This is a cut through between Grove Street and the Mystic Valley Parkway and without these painted templates motorists fly through as if the signs are invisible. I don't understand how such a simple request can not be acknowledged or completed within a year's timeframe.

also asked...
Q. Is a signal bulb out and if so, which one?
A. No
Q. Is the signal bulb flashing?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Please provide the intersection of the affected signal.
A. Four Stop signs at Oak Ridge Road and Shepard Road

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