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Hi there, I'm really concerned about the safety at the Cambridge/Hampshire/Beacon intersection since the Cambridge St. outdoor dining one-way was put into place. I love the outdoor dining, but I'm noticing that both cars and pedestrians are taking risks they weren't taking before. I know this intersection is tough and human behavior is hard to predict.
In the last few days, I've seen many more cars trying to take left turns onto Cambridge and Antrim streets, even with the No Left Turn signage. I watched four bikers yesterday get caught in front of the bank in between two streams of cars with no way to continue safely. Stranded in the middle of the intersection until a pause in traffic.
With the left turn yield at Prospect and Hampshire being the only left turn onto Prospect now that Cambridge is closed, that traffic is now baking up Hampshire to Inman St., causing folks turning left onto Inman to get stuck between oncoming cars. I have no solutions to offer other than manning the intersection with an actual human traffic guide, or doing additional public education around following the traffic laws there. Thanks for listening!


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