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Pedestrian Crossing at Dresden and Caldwell Acknowledged

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Signal Problem


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NOTE: I reported this over 9 months ago to Brookhaven. Never heard any follow up. I have previously reported this to DeKalb Co. and met w/a transpo engineer but nothing happened. We have painted crosswalks from Kaleidoscope across Dresden to the office buildings there - but NO pedestrian crossing signals. It's impossible to cross there safely. We also have crossing issues from Kaleidoscope to Savi (going across Caldwell) - when you "land" at Savi, there is no place to stand to wait to cross to the other side of Dresden. This is particularly dangerous if you have a bike or stroller. In other words, there is NO way to cross Dresden safely at Caldwell - either going over to Savi or trying to cross at the painted crosswalks from Kaleidoscope.

The transpo engineer told me the project was approved to add pedestrian crossings and fix the landing space in front of Savi but I don't know if it was funded.

also asked...
Q. Is there no power to the signal (Signal is dark)?
A. No
Q. Is the signal flashing?
A. No
Q. Is there a timing issue (too long to change from red, not changing at all, skipping cycles)? Please explain in detail:
A. No Answer Given


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