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this road needs repaving, widening, & a school zone area. Open

4292 Titman Rd Gastonia, NC 28056, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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ok titman road has got to be one of the worst roads in gaston county. i've heard they have talked about redoing the road totally but have seen no action. There is a ton of traffic on this road daily and it has gotten worse since the new school opened up this year at the intersection of s. new hope and titman.( the old winn-dixie marketplace building). I think they need to have a school zone area there too because of drivers speeding thru there all the time and they dont even have an officer patroling the area half the time either. Back to the road though, titman road is very narrow and has a low shoulder at some areas. you just about cant drive the posted speed limit (35 mph) because it will beat your vehicle to death. I've already hit a pot hole on that road and busted a tire and had to have an alignment done and have replaced a shock that got busted. COME ON Gastonia lets do something about this and do it soon for the sake of everyday drivers and the kids at the school.

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