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The extended schedule for Limb collection and large debris collection has the unintended consequence of residents placing limb piles and large debris piles in the road to limit their grass from dying due to the extended timeframe.

As this creates a road hazard, if a time frame is extended beyond a reasonable person's expectation, the city should;

1. provide additional instructions in the ordnance, and pylons or signage to identify road hazard for the resident to place around the obstruction.

2. provide funding relief to reseed the lawn affected by the extended time frame.

A response to Fayfixit is requested to address this issue to clarify the administrations time frame to help residents with better neighborhoods and cleaner areas.

also asked...
Q. What was the vehicle number?
A. na
Q. What time did the INCIDENT occur?
A. during extended debris cleanup time periods
Q. Is this a safety concern?
A. Yes
Q. Is this a service suggestion?
A. Yes
Q. Other
A. identify in the ordnance specific actions to be taken by the city and residents when extended clean up times are required to meet both safety concerns and resident property concerns
Q. Other?
A. provide funding for additional pylons / road safety equipment to be loaned to residential address in the event of a road hazard place in front of their residence

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